STAR TREK:  REEMERGENCE – Table of Contents


Prologue – An away team from the scout-ship U.S.S. Ion force their way through the dangerous forests of Draloos V to discover what happened to missing cargo ships.

Chapter 1 – As the Federation prepares to launch the new ship, Admiral Roth contemplates the wisdom of space exploration following the aftermath of the great war.

Chapter 2 – Admiral Roth meets the new captain of the Dragonfly, and bestows to him the future symbol of the Federation.

Chapter 3 – The Dragonfly is officially launched…and meets up with a timeless classic.

Chapter 4 – Captain Seth is greeted by the new captain of the Excelsior, who is also an old friend from Red Squad.

Chapter 5 – A political leader on Draloos IV becomes troubled when he learns that the entire away team from the U.S.S. Ion had been killed, and that the Ion will be calling on the Federation for more help.

Chapter 6 (Part I/Part II) – “My Chief of Security is a what?” – As Captain Seth seeks out the members of his senior staff on his new ship, he comes face-to-face with his security officer from a race that he could not have expected.

Chapter 7 – Following an injury on the holodeck, Captain Seth makes his way to sickbay to visit his new Chief Medical Officer.  Though human, Seth notices that the doctor has a demeanor that is all-too familiar.

Chapter 8 (Part I/Part II)– Captain Seth meets his Chief Engineer, a quirky and eccentric fellow.  But rather than finding him hard at work on the ship’s engines, Seth finds his engineer tinkering with a personal project – creating an entirely new kind of android.

Chapter 9 – Captain Seth returns to the holodecks to meet the last member of his senior staff:  his counselor.  She’s beautiful, green, and intelligent – and a poker shark.

Chapter 10 – Seth makes his way to the new Ten Forward to catch up with his friend, Alan Santiago.  After discussing the past and future, Santiago offers Seth a challenge that pits the Dragonfly and the Excelsior, as well as their captains, against each other.

Chapter 11 (Part I/Part II/Part III) – The race is on!  Captain Seth accepts Santiago’s challenge to pit the two ships against each other in a contest of strength, leadership, and determination.  Who will win?

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Chapter 12 – Following new orders from Admiral Kim, the Dragonfly heads off on their first mission to the Dralos system.  Much to Seth’s disappointment, Seth must carry out the mission jointly with the crew of the Excelsior.

Chapter 13 – As the Dragonfly and the Excelsior make their long journey to the Dralos system, Seth takes the time to get close and personal with Commander Ariele – Santiago’s first officer.

Chapter 14 – Following their arrival to Draloos IV, Seth and Santiago beam to the surface along with their away teams to meet Jerad and to uncover the details of the dangerous mission that lies before them.

Chapter 15 – The crews of the Dragonfly and the Excelsior at last make their way to the ‘Demon’ planet, to make sense of the mysterious cargo ship crashes and determine what led to the deaths of the Ion‘s away team.

Chapter 16 (Part I/Part II)/Chapter 17/Chapter 18 – Back on Draloos IV, Lieutenant Commander Thorn and Counselor Jenovia help to rebuild the broken society starting with a local hospital, but soon find themselves in the midst of a developing crisis.

Chapter 19 – Captain Seth consoles an uneasy ensign in his quaraters, but also learns from her that there may be more to the whole story than Jerad had initially led them to believe.

Chapter 20 – Lieutenant Commander LeCroy and Dr. Min examine the remains of the cargo ships after bringing it aboard the Dragonfly to try and uncover more clues.

Chapter 21 – Dr. Min continues his investigation in his laboratory after beaming several organisms aboard from Draloos V, and stumbles on an unusual organism that catches his eye.

Chapter 22 (Part I/Part II)/Chapter 23 – After days in the laboratory, Dr. Min confronts Captain Seth about what he might be up against on Draloos V – and unveils to him his enemy.

Chapter 24 (Part I/Part II) – When Captain Santiago learns of the intelligent species on Draloos V, he decides to take a more active role in the mission, even knowing that Captain Seth would object.

Chapter 25 – Seth learns from the investigation of LeCroy and Min of the shattered cargo ships what Jerad may have been hiding from Starfleet.

Chapter 26 – Thorn is forced to engage the enemy terrorists which threaten the occupants of the hospital and Counselor Jenovia, only to discover their true motive for attacking the hospital in the first place.

Chapter 27 (Part I/Part II) – The time for confrontation is at hand; Captains Seth and Santiago must face up to the rage of the aliens after finding out how Jerad has wronged them.

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Part III

Chapter 28 (Part I/Part II) – Back at the hospital on Draloos IV, Counselor Jenovia and Lieutenant Commander Thorn finally get to the truth of the terrorists’ motives and Jerad’s real role in their planetary predicament.

Chapter 29 – Seth receives an urgent message from Counselor Jenovia to retrieve her and Thorn from Draloos IV; they are carrying important information about Jerad, as well as a badly infected patient.

Chapter 30/Chapter 31– Dr. Min closely examines the infected patient from Draloos IV, and discovers a disturbing truth about the nature of the infection.

Chapter 32 – Dr. Min manages to synthesize some experimental vaccines against the mysterious infection, and moves to the holodeck to test them – with disappointing results.

Chapter 33 – Santiago unveils his new chemical weapon against the Annecta.

Chapter 34 (Part I/Part II/Part III) – After learning from his officers all of the heinous crimes committed by Jerad, Seth decides to move in for the arrest.

Chapter 35 – Seth and Santiago fight over how to best handle the mission.

Chapter 36 – Unbeknownst to the two captains, the aliens on Draloos V are actively conjuring a plan to exact their revenge on the two ships.

Chapter 37 – Unexpectedly, Seth is paid a visit from the Excelsior’s first officer, Commander Ariele, who gives him the hard advice he doesn’t necessarily want to hear.

Chapter 38 – Captain Seth tries once more to make peace with the angered aliens…with more than disappointing results.

Chapter 39 – Seth makes the difficult decision to support Santiago in attacking the aliens, despite all the rules that he had learned in his Academy training.

Chapter 40 – Santiago and his Chief Medical Officer inch closer towards completing their vicious weapon against the aliens.

Chapter 41 – The attack on the young Starfleet crews begins…the aliens aboard the Excelsior have escaped.

Chapter 42 (Part I/Part II) – Thorn stands on the bridge of the Dragonfly and learns of the trouble that is developing on the Excelsior.

Chapter 43 (Part I/Part II)/Chapter 44 (Part I/Part II)/Chapter 45/Chapter 46 (Part I/Part II)/Chapter 47 – The crew of the Excelsior find themselves fighting for their lives against some unwelcome intruders from Draloos V.

Chapter 48/Chapter 49/Chapter 50 – The situation on Draloos IV has reached critical and the Excelsior has just endured a brutal attack – Captain Seth makes his final choice on what to do with the aliens.

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Part IV

Chapter 51 – Captain Seth and the crew of the Dragonfly move in after the Excelsior to put a final stop to the alien’s plans.

Chapter 52 – The Annecta realize what’s coming…and make plans to defend themselves.

Chapter 53 – Dr. Min experiments with one last hopeful candidate.

Chapter 54/Chapter 55 (Part I/Part II)/Chapter 56/Chapter 57/Chapter 58/Chapter 59 (Part I/Part II)/Chapter 60/Chapter 61/Chapter 62 (Part I/Part II) – The Excelsior and the Dragonfly begin their attack on the planetary aliens.  Will they survive?

Chapter 63/Chapter 64/Chapter 65 – Seth and the crew of the Dragonfly manage to make a brutal retaliation from the Annecta, but the Excelsior does not fare as well.  Seth must risk his life to save his long-time friend.

Chapter 66 – Jenovia must now counsel her captain…after suffering the loss of his friend.

Chapter 67 – Seth and Dr. Min consider what to do with all that remains of the Annecta species – and the implications for the Federation following the destruction of their species.

Chapter 68 – Seth makes preparations take his mandatory leave of absence as ordered by Admiral Kim, and is paid one last visit from Commander Ariele…with one last unexpected request.

Chapter 69 – Taking a final tour of his ship before his leave of absence, Seth makes his first stop in the laboratory to visit Lieutenant Commander LeCroy, Dr. Min…and the android.

Chapter 70 – Seth’s makes one last visit to the holodecks, only to see Counselor Jenovia get her wish to go heads up in a poker match against Lieutenant Commander Thorn.

Chapter 71 – Young Ensign Ester pays Seth an unexpected visit after learning of her captain’s mandatory leave.

Chapter 72 – The Dragonfly finally returns to Sector 001 where Seth must depart for his leave.

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