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Mysterious Anomaly

Worf:  Captain, I am detecting a subspace disturbance dead ahead.

Ship rumbles

Picard:  Report, Mr. Data.

Data:  We are caught in some sort of _________ (physics term) singularity.  There is no known record of this phenomenon in our database.

Picard:  Well, it looks like we’re truly exploring the unknown.

Ship rumbles some more.  Lights go dim.

Ensign:  Captain, impulse engines are ________(adjective)!  The anomaly is creating some sort of ________ (tech word) flux that’s _________(verb ending in –ing) our warp field!

Riker:  All hands, brace for impact!

A lot of shaking.

LaForge:  LaForge to bridge!  We’ve got a problem!  The _________(physics term that doesn’t allow the Enterprise to actually exist) compensators are off-line!  We’re a sitting duck!

Worf:  Shields down to _______(number) percent!

Picard:  Suggestions, Mr. Data.

Data swivels in his chair.

Data:  Captain, according to known theory, if we ________ (invert/reverse) the polarity of the  ________ (another physics term) using our _______(piece of Enterprise equipment), the resulting explosion should provide us with sufficient momentum to escape.

Picard pauses for a moment.

Picard:  Very good, Mr. Data.  How long will it take, Mr. LaForge?

LaForge:  _______(number) minutes!

Picard: You don’t have ______(same number) minutes!

LaForge:   Captain, if we try what Data is suggesting we’ll need to shut down the __________ (important piece of Enterprise equipment)!  I’ll need to re-route auxiliary power!

Picard:  How long will it take, Mr. LaForge?

LaForge:   _______(number) minutes!

Picard:  You don’t have ______(same number) minutes!

Mr. LaForge magically does it in three seconds.

LaForge:  LaForge to bridge!  OK, you’re ready!

Picard:  Now, Mr. Data!  Ensign ______ (random name), get us out of here!

Lights return to normal.  Shaking stops.

Picard:  Good work, Mr. Data.


Adventurous Space Battle

Worf:  Captain, vessel decloaking off the __________(port, starboard) bow!  It’s the ________ (humanoid alien race with funny forehead)!

Riker:   A little far from __________(same alien race) space, aren’t they?

Picard:  Hail them, Mr. Worf.

Worf:  No response, sir. 

Picard:  Counselor?

Troi (deep in thought):  I’m sensing…  _________(emotion) from them…

Picard:  Are they a threat?

Troi:  Maybe, captain.  I’m definitely sensing that they may or may not probably attack us.

Picard:  Thank you, Counselor.  That was most ________(helpful/useless).

Worf:  Captain, they’re arming weapons!

Riker:  Shields up!  _______(color) alert!

The Enterprise shakes.

Worf:  ________ (forward/aft/port/starboard) shields are down to _______ (number) percent!  Structural integrity down to fifty-four _________ (unit of measurement)!

Picard:  Load all photon torpedo bays and power all phaser banks.  Return fire, Mr. Worf!

Worf:  _________(no, minimal, moderate, heavy, explosive) damage to their forward shields.  They are coming about!

Picard:  Mr. LaForge, divert all auxiliary power to the shields around the ________ (section of the ship)!

The Enterprise shakes again.

Data:  Heavy damage to decks _______(number range).

Riker:  Begin evacuation of those decks!

Picard:  Mr. Worf, I think it’s time to give them a little surprise.  Load ________(advanced tech word) torpedoes.  Target the ________ (very important-sounding part of the enemy ship).  Fire on my command.

Worf(with a smile):  Torpedoes ready, sir.

Picard:  (dramatic pause)…FIRE.

The Enterprise blows up enemy ship.

Picard:  Well…that should finally get their attention.